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I haven't always been a photographer, but I've always been an artist. Growing up in Bountiful, Utah during the 1980s, I was saturated in popular culture. If I wasn't watching Star Wars movies at the Centre Theater in downtown Salt Lake City, I was watching Transformers cartoons on TV, or listening to my mother's original Beatles albums on my parents' stereo. All of this exposure fed a creative impulse that, initially, led to drawing after drawing of Han Solo or Optimus Prime.

Growing up I was known as, "that kid who draws all the time," but my creative impulse drove me into other media. I started writing short stories late in elementary school, and flirted with simple film projects in high school. By the time I finished an MS in American Studies from Utah State University, I defined myself as a writer and a teacher more than anything.

But the power of the visual never went away, and in the summer of 2006, a quick stroll in Chicago started me on a path to photography. Eventually I bought my first SLR, and the "kid who draws all the time" became "that guy who brings his camera all the time."

In the time since, I've shot thousands of images of hundreds of subjects. I've handled numerous portrait sessions and commercial jobs, but I've also been on hand to shoot concerts, sporting events, and just about any occasion that involves people and culture. I've taken my camera along whenever I've traveled, and have documented the people and architecture and landscape of numerous locations across the United States (and a couple of well-known cities in Europe!).

The resulting images have been a challenge and a joy to produce. I hope that comes through in the finished product.

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