The Land of Bountiful - Joshua Terry

The Land of Bountiful

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RIP 3-D, 2010

Technically located in Centerville on Pages Lane, 3-D was one of numerous video stores I patronized growing up on the north end of Bountiful. My childhood is dotted by the memory of renting top-loader VCRs and talking store managers into giving me old movie posters, but most all of those old haunts--even the big boys like Blockbuster--have closed up shop. I say most--Top Hat Video in Colonial Square has remained defiant in an era of Netflix and Redbox, and still has that great discount deal for when you shop during the last hour they are open each night. As a bonus, the abandoned gas station you see reflected in the store window stands on the site of an older, smaller gas station where I bought my first tank of gas after getting my driver's license in 1992. As part of my change, the attendant gave me a defaced penny someone had punched a hole through, and I promptly stuck it on my key ring, where it remains today.