The Land of Bountiful - Joshua Terry

The Land of Bountiful

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We'll Miss You, 2009

Visiting the far north end of the Bountiful Cemetery is always a bittersweet experience. The graves always have twice as many decorations as any other spot on the property, and the balloons and pinwheels and decorative toys always have a special life to them. Of course, knowing that these decorations have been set out for young children who have passed years before adulthood puts a somber tone on things. On Christmas night 2015, my family was visiting my dad's grave nearby when a man asked us for some help jump starting his car. I'd noticed that he and his family had been visiting one of the graves in the children's section, and it was heartbreaking to think of the insult added to his injury. Luckily we got them started and on their way.