Best of 2016 - Joshua Terry

Best of 2016

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The Passing Storm, 2016

This shot almost got me killed. One spring evening in 2016, I set out for the ruins of the Great Saltair to get some pictures around sunset, parking my car and hiking out a mile or so to the remains of what I think used to be some kind of pier. There was a storm off in the distance, but it appeared to be heading south (I was pointed west), so I pressed on to the water's edge...right as the storm turned into me. While I didn't see any lightning, I heard thunder, and backtracked to these rotted wooden posts, where I was able to brace my tripod against the extreme winds and get a few images, including this one just as the sun peeked out between the storm clouds and the horizon. Off to the right, it looks like someone is unzipping night into day.

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From Antelope Island/The Great Salt Lake